Boxers vs briefs?

give contained by detail what boxers fell like on your body and what boxder breifs fell approaching on your body. please give me a long answer please. be particularly decriptive.and very detailed.appreciation

if you want to know what boxers, boxer briefs, briefs or going commando feel resembling on you why not try them all and see what works best for you. Or do you truly want to know what they feel resembling on other guys? but if that is your quest you'd hold to go discern them on other guys to see now wouldn't you.
i'm not a guy but adjectives my guy friends wear boxers and they say that briefs and boxer briefs surface weird....idk..I muse it just depends on wut feel most comfortable to u and ur body..other ppl can't really answer this one for u
Uh, Bryan, why do you want details on the feeling of boxers or briefs against my man skin?

Ever see a grown man with nothing on? Ever been to a Turkish prison?
I prefer boxer briefs. Calvins sooner. I like how they perceive against my body, but the legs don't ride like next to tiddy whities. There are some that have some lycra surrounded by them so that they feel more snug. I approaching wearing those for "underwear night" at the clubs.
boxer-briefs. I'm not a guy, but I know that they offer the support you call for, but they don't give you wedgies resembling briefs do. And sometimes, guys feel approaching they are freeballing in boxers, even though they are easier to use when using the bathroom surrounded by public.

Plus, as a girl, I think they are hot.
ahhh boxers or briefs...

the eternal struggle

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