Big trouble?

My parents just caught me smokin weed what do i do? p.s my dads a easier said than done ***

So many own been near before. Don't verbs. You might get grounded or something and you will cop it for a while, but of late like everything else surrounded by life it will eventually blow over and back you know it it will be long forgotten.
Depends on how strict your parents are.

You can't do much, since you were stupid satisfactory to do it and then lying on that, and get caught.
Depends on how strict your parents are.

You can't do much, since you be stupid enough to do it and later on top of that, receive caught.
yikes. start appoligizing tell them youll slightly.

my brother couldnt stop and ended up chief to other drugs, he finally went to rehab, andgets tested adjectives the time

my suggestion- quite, it solitary leads to troubles
1. Be obliged your parents caught you and not police.
2. Don't smoke weed.
3. Accept the fact that you are busted and they are probably going to be really concrete on you.
4. Be thankful your parents strictness enough going on for you to be pissed.

Good Luck! Just say "I'm sorry" and bring it over with.
LISTEN! to your hard*** Dad; and pilfer it from one that knows. I've lived beside a drug addict in a minute for 20 years, however he is clean immediately. But he'll be the first to tell you DON'T even START as it is a door route to harder and harder drugs!
Stop smoking, you moron.
If your father is a hard ***, it is because he care about you, he doesn't want his son to become a leftovers.
Be your own man and stand on your two feet, you don't call for any artificial help to exist and own a meaningful time.
Don't listen to your so called "friends" they are not.
You're a fool. Lol, how did you draw from caught?!?!?!?! Hopefully you're parents will be strict about it cuz that in recent times means that they precision a lot. If smoking weed is interfering beside you're life than you inevitability to stop or smoke less.
I don't reflect on you day is knotty on you. The reason he doesn't want you to smoke weed is because he loves and care for you. If caught my son doing drugs I would be upset as well.

Dope will motivation mental illness, cancer and can organize to heavier drugs. Why do you need to use it? if it is to fit contained by then you necessitate to get unsullied friends. If it is to make your self optimistic or relaxed then you should hope some professional help (I say aloud this in a nice not horrid way). drugs kill and nobody should own their son/daughter or friend lost this way.

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