After clomid(clomiphene) treatment for a week, testosterone, LH, & FSH have gone up - is it enough?

i've had symptoms of hypogonadism/pituitary/testost... deficiency for years since a head injury. i recently started clomid to try and kickstart my system and have my body produce enough hormones itself. my scores on 6.25.2007, before treatment were as follows :
FSH : 3.1
LH : 3.2
testosterone : 275

after one week of clomiphene treatment, have the following numbers :
FSH : 6.0
LH : 11
Testosterone : 440

does this put me in the normal range for an otherwise healthy 27 year old male? or am i still deficient? should i stick with clomiphene treatment or should i push harder on testosterone replacement therapy?

over the week of treatment i didn't notice much of an improvement in secondary sexual characteristics or libido, if at all.
how close ARE the numbers 275 & 440 anyway? is that really a large improvement? the lab numbers normal range is 280-800 ng/dL... is 440 appropriate for a 27 year old male who has symptoms of hypogandism/testosterone deficiency?


Regarding your question on testosterone level:
Of course there is an improvement! You've gone from below normal range to close to the middle. Note that it is just a range. Thus you are now on the normal level.

Maybe you also need to determine the normal range for FSH and LH.

I do not know if it is good to be staying long on testosterone replacement. You know that your body produces it. Having an induced level might signal to your body that it produces much and it might not increase its level on its own.

Still you need to consult your doctor regarding the other characteristics that you mentioned. d:

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