Any body's here be born premature? i be and....?

i was simply 2 weeks premature and now at 21 i look close to a 17 yr old kid, my sexuality is conventional and all but i simply dont look manly...anybody here is having same problem? any untaught remedies besides having to appropriate testosterone drugs? and i noticed drinking acohol make me look sharper and more masculine (in the face) but i know it is leisurely destroying me...what can i life is so miserable..somebody suggest something..

drinking doesn't solve your problem and it can worsen your strength and you can die from it in the long run it's really fruitless for you it destroy yourself and love in motion the other way around you want to look better and able-bodied eat correct food and exercise
I wasnt born premature but my cousin was born 2 months precipitate. She is really petite and short now.
You can work out if you want to look more muscular. Drinking is really fruitless for you. If you need relief check out this site.
I was born a month premature and I'm in a minute 5'9" and buff at 190 pounds. You were probably under-fed as a child, and you can take home a difference now, but the plan does not include drinking. Get a book call "Power Eating," read it carefully, and do what it say.
You are just developing differently. I wouldn't verbs about it. It have nothing to do beside being premature. I hold 25 year old twins who be 2 months premature and growing up they always looked younger than their age. Now they look their age and believe me you will translation also. Be grateful now that you look childish because when you are in your 40's and you still look younger you will love it.

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