How do u hold you know...... sx?

uhh you put your thing within too a women thing afterwards you start moving[pushing]
you put da lime in da coconut and you mix adjectives togetha
you just do. duh!
I could not minister to but laugh at the answer above me. but if ur asking, consequently ur to young to know.
If you hold to ask, you're too young to know.
How do you hold s3x?
If your not married you shouldn't even have sex. If you are married it really won't thing if she loves you.
If you really are old satisfactory to have sex you should know the answer. But, since you don't and I have need of points, you stick your penis in a girls vagina and verbs out... repeat that and you just have sex man. : )
When you've grown up, you'll have have that "birds and bees" discussion with your 'rents. There's also your form classes in university. A good abundant young folks revise from well-written books you can borrow from the library and some young empire ask their family doctor. Just don't appropriate what your friends say as gospel - they credible don't know as much as you do already.
Are you like 10? If you are elderly enough to know, you would know
Judging from the press, I'd say you are too childlike for sex. It involves making responsible decisions, such as birth control, and choosing a partner. You probably should skulk to experiment with sex since you don't even know how to do it.

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