Big testicles and Big Scrotum?

Hello People,I am from india and my problem is that I have big testicles and a impressively low hanging scrotum.And whenever i run or play sports my testicles blow against each other and effect intense pain.My girl friend suggested me to wear undies but i am not comfortable wearing it cos i never wore undies regularly from childhood.Then my gf suggested me to wear a tight cup and when i wore it i feel very comfortable.And by wearing a tight cup i be able to prevent my testicles from bang against each other and i am lively.My doubt is that by wearing a tight cup for 24/7 straight will it protect my testicles from any damage?and my gf also said that by wearing a tight cup for 24/7 a man become more fertile and is much more stronger during sex,is this true? Thanks in finance.

1. having big testicles and low sagging scrotum is not a problem provided:
(a) you don't have pains within normal condition,
(b) you don't own pains while having intercourse or

2. It is strange you didn't own undies since your childhood. Undies support scrotum. Obviously, if you don't wear undies and run and play hard games, your testicles and scrotum will hurt you inadequately.

3. Wearing tight cups 24 x 7 is not necessary, it is lone when you go out or run or play that you obligation to wear them. If you wear them 24 x 7 how will you have sex near you g/f? You can remove them while sleeping, as a matter of reality you should.

4. Wearing tight cups to make you MORE fertile and STRONGER during sex is a myth. Fertility and stronger sex depends mostly on your obedient health and fitness.
No, it would lower your sperm count. The use why it hangs is to keep hold of a right temperature to maintain the sperm a live. If to hot the sperm would not be there.
By not wearing any type of underwear, you scrotum be pulled down by gravity. The same thing happen with a woman's breasts if she does not wear a bra.

I do not estimate wearing a cup all afternoon will damage it. I do not feel the clothing people would engender a damaging clothing piece.
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