48 hour erection please relieve!?

my boyfriend is complaining about an erection durable 48hrs. including while sleeping.we are both very worried and concerned and when he tries to breed it "go away" it only gets harder.He is 14 and his penis is already 8 1/4 contained by.He has already tried to put rime on it and it didn`t work.we do not know what to do so please help.

lay bad the viagra.take a cold shower have a sneaking suspicion that about insensible puppys and naked older peolpe doin it in mayo!

i dont know wat to do nearly the size consider yourself lucky... i think.
sure to be exact possible a penis that big for a fourteen yr old and erectipns dont final that long even if you have raw male improvement but look at his pants and see if in that is something sticking out
tell him to sing the national anthem while thinking something like drowning puppies.. a lot of drowning puppies.
very well first your too young no offense that could be sector of the problem
if youve seen those viagra comercials they utter if and erection lasts longer than 4 hours you enjoy a problem so yeah i think youve get a problem here.
call your doctor.address to your parents and wait till your elder.

hmmm 14 and u are?
Like I said in your other Q.This is no set-up.YOU NEED TO GO TO THE E.R. RIGHT NOW!Don't wait any longer...It can really turn black because of famine of blood flow and fall bad...THIS IS NO BUL##HIT GO NOW!!And in your other Q you said he wasn't on drugs because he be tested for drugs and you were here and saw the results...OMG! They don't test for Viagra on drug test!!They are testing for recreational drugs resembling Meth,pot,coke,etc.Pull your head out of your a**!This is starting to nouns like B.S. and I hope for the sake of your bf it is because if it isn't he is f**cked for existence if he don't go presently or should I say he will never know how to f**k...Unless he wants a sex cash and your OK with human being a lesbian then I guess he's OK...lol
bounce in the wet.
Cold Shower
take him to the local doctors and own the doctor put a numbing creme on it. it'll go away soon after. what cause him to get that long of an erection and how did he put by it for that long?
Its too late presently, his penis is probably full of blood clots and they will operate on him to take them out. He'll probably loose roughly speaking 7 ". Hope this helps.

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