Can you make clear to the size of a man penis but looking at him??

people say-so that bigger feet suggest bigger penis or skinnier you are the bigger but by looking at someone can you tell??

That is an categorical myth.Oh yaeh,and all black men do not hold large penises.Iwould know
dat depends are you sexy?!
It's adjectives myth. You can't tell by looking at someone's hands/feet/nose and make clear to what their penis size is. People are all different and as such don't tip out into a "Mold".
I'm a really good guesser. I appraise using the lips, and the distance between the forefinger and the thumb.

The foot is usually not a good indicator. The instrument the man is sitting gives me a clue. If he's sitting near legs apart that's because well it's so much down at hand he can't sit with even legs.

the muzzle is sometimey. but usually it will give a closer clue than the foot.
Sometimes you can sometimes you cant, it lately depends! if he has a buldge you can transmit, or if he is wearin tight jeans you can tell!!
If a guy have big feet, it manner he buys big shoes, nothing else.
Why is penis size such an exigency? It is not how big a mans penis is that should be thought roughly speaking but rather how immense a good traits he has. Males are so held up with thinking almost their penis size they don't give themselves adequate credit for their other attributes. It has be suggested that the span between a males thumb to his index finger when spread as far as they can could be the size of their errect penis. Is this true? Who knows as I don't feel there have been a valid study done on this subject. Edith
Wouldn't you say that people's body parts are proportional to the rest of their bodies? You don't see society at 5'3" with size 13 shoes do you? or 6'3" giant with child hands. So why would it be any different next to a dude's junk?
There is no means of access of telling by looking at him. I know men that stuff themselves to create them appear bigger. What a disappointment. There are many myths on how to put in the picture.
You will just own to find out for yourself.
Individual men vary widely within the amount their penis increases in size from flaccid to erect. For example, one man who have a 3" flaccid penis may increase in size to 6" when erect. Another man near a 3" flaccid penis may increase in size to 8" when erect.

You really can't detail until the penis is erect.
If your a good guesser, after you may but the "average" person cannot.
yes to me its true. and if your short your enjoy a small penis.

and i seen men near big feet and they do hold big penis also.

and if your skinny thats not true some men still have big penis.

and it doesn't business what the size of the penis is. its how you work it!

good luck

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It's adjectives myth. If you want find out just get hold of a hold of his crotch. You'll get instant feedback.
Usually slender peoples penis are longer than other,
Black guys pennis are... you can guess how big and powerfull are they.
white guess penis are normal and pretty worthy.
Now its depends on the person size, dignified and body fitness.
Physical exercise

Physical exercise is the performance of some flurry to develop or maintain physical fitness and overall strength of men penis. It is often directed toward also honing athletic faculty or skill. Frequent and regular physical exercise is an important component within the prevention of some of the diseases of affluence such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity. so please please exercise on a daily basis,
Not really... some men have while others do not... 5 to 6 " is ordinary size anything over that he is blessed..
Yes, it depends on how big his foot is. Email me for further details ;)
Sure you can tell - if he's nude!
But, even then, it's not other going to be a consistent size - if he just get out of a cold swimming pool, there will be some shrinkage, and other times it will be for a time expanded.
According to anatomists, the penis is less proportional to body size than any other element of the body. There is also no dependable relationship between the size of the penis when flaccid and the same penis when erect.
Mae West supposedly chose her men by the size of their hand, so that myth has be around a long time.
The important entity to remember, boys and girls, is this:
"You can't tell the depth of the in good health by the length of the pump knob."
Only if you are Ms. Cleo. But my sister has found a few ways to find out. Go to a basketball team game. She says when they fly up she looks down. That's one way to do it. Here is another one. If he looks too suitable to be true, he might just own a small penis. As far a black people step, because i myself am 3/4 African-American, the myth is not true about adjectives black men. This does not apply to me cause i resembling bragging about my size.
Size is not a big event, the most important is girl bring to use it. Even you get a flag staff size but no girl use, it better to dump it.
The merely measurement that seem to be true for me is the one that says "tip of thumb to tip of index finger" while stretched as far as possible. I hold fairly average hand, feet, height above sea level, I'm thin, and six inches. So possibly go by the hand...but I can't say that for everyone.
this is a myth :)

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