Another give somebody the third degree going on for my penis.?

a while back up to that time i hit puberty. my penis got bigger. swelled is a better word. and it hurt. so soon i squeesed my penis really hard and this whitish GREEN stuff come out. it was NOT seamen. what the hell be it?

You sure it wasnt seamen, because thats the only explenation i own for it. You could have have a wet dream and thats where on earth your characteristics came from
Any discharge from anywhere on the body that is to say green is not a good point. Usually indicates an infection of some sort.
If you are were sexually live at that age or before that age, that can be a sign of an std. if you are sexually busy now but werent sexually influential before the green discharge, afterwards you dont have an std.

however, something green oozing from your penis is a sign you should see your doctor. its probably a microbes infection of some sort.
It might be an infectious disease. Maybe an STD somesort of that. Go immediately to a doctor.

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