14.5 Years Old...How Tall Am I Going To Get?

I'm 14 years old, 5'9", 135lb, beside a 9 shoe size *Mens*

I was wondering how elevated I am going to end up.

My dad is 5'10, my mom is 5'5, and my brother is 5'7 (18 Years Old)

My mom's side of the loved ones is full of tall relations of that helps. Cousins - 6'2 / 6'2 / 6'4 / 6'6 / 6'8 / 6'8
Uncles - 6' / 6'7
If that help a little.

I grew 4 inches this undamaged year. I grew an inch every 2 months since February.

How tall do you devise I will be?
Will I make it to 6'2 - 6'4?

ALSO, can you share me how tall you be when you were 14 and how soaring you are now at your age? Thanks

no forget your size and gp out side and play
from your family circle history i would say around 5' 10...at best...and this isnt set within stone. Its only an well-read estimate. But everyone grows differently and you really cant tell by looking at someone...or reading give or take a few their family.I could tender you a better estimate if I saw some x-rays of your bones.
I think it is up surrounded by the air as to how high you will get would expect it will be close to the echelon of your dad, possibly a little taller. I am in the region of 6'3" my dad and brother about equal (dad's getting shorter now, he is going on for 70) I think when I be your age I was probably around 6 foot
im 14 and 6'3", and im the tallest in my nearest and dearest
Let me look in to my crystal globe......It tells me that nearby is NO way you can achieve an accurate answer to your question. Fifty percent of who you are is due to inheritance. SO, you have around a fifty/fifty chance of making it long-gone 5'10 if you take mostly after your dad. My adjectives guess would be 5'10-6'0. No matter what the outcome, nearby is nothing you can do just about it, so there is no have need of to stress over it.

Paramedic in SC
I'm almost 15 and I'm just 5' 4", 108 Lbs, and wear size 8.

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