A routine to blast my traps and delts?

can anybody tell me a routine that will make my traps and delts really pump and show,dont mind if its extream also what are the benifits of lifting lighter weights instead of heavy

lighter weight and more reps will cut you up!! Higher weight less reps are for bulk..make sure keep drinking protein though! I can't stress that enough...Ok..for traps.. Shrugs shrugs shrugs.. depending on how big you are and how much weight you do and your form.. warm up set...say 135.15x..1st set..185..10-12x..2nd set 205..10-12x..3rd set 225..10-12x.. if you can do that easy add slightly more weight every shoulder day. Deltoids.. Military press to start 3 sets.. to maybe dumbell raises 3 sets to dumbell flys..i think thats what they're called Also what works them nice grab a straight bar place hands less than should width on the bar and pull up to shin 3 sets...good luck i doo this probably once a week but more elabrate..Protein!!

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