Am I small PLZ answer!?

IM 13 and and my penis is 3.5 inches soft and 5 inches erect is that small for my age or normal. PLZ no rude comments but answer honestly

dont verbs! soon you'll be fully grown! and no your not small!
you have to be kid me right? young age to be worrying something like that right now & to ask such a examine like that. everyone comes contained by different sizes eventually you'll stop growing when you're about the age 18-21- so test it then.
Thats fine man, but don't verbs about it, you're probably not gonna get hold of some at 13
In a few years time when you are fully grown, you will see how silly it is to worry in the order of, or measure your penis.
its everyday. consider it a blessing. this is what we call "resourcefully endowed"
You are too young for conclusioning that. Wait until you ready then ask us if you're size is alright, OK?!

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