Uhmm please comfort another ? for guys..lol?

Soo uhm my b/f sum of u know what happened..but him doin what he did the first time ind of turned me on n i cogitate i mite wanna do sumthin other than juss kissin his d¨Ścolletage if u know what i mean n he's so flawless to me n he buys me stuff n loves me n takes protection of me n has never brought up the subject once.if he is geared up then i will be to..i indicate i know use a condom n birhtcontrol n all that crud..but i denote i rilly do luv him i have ben beside him since the 6th grade very soon with him surrounded by 9th n he is more than any girl should ever have..i plan he's sweet n funny n he's got brains n when he did that surrounded by the woods i ditn't know what to say..but it turned me on partway..n i be wonderin if maybe u guys would resembling it if your girlfrined who u treated right would give u sex after u flushed yourself in front of her.close to as in he come in front of me.lol.n i juss want him to know i am rilly comitted to him.n i wanna be not simply emotinally but sexually commited to him.n only him..what would u guys want??

if its wat u really want after go for it..if he loves u later he will..im sure..understand...and if i be him i wouldnt force u into doin anything.but if u wanted i would.but thats my feelings..and if he feels embarrased that u should breed him comfortable..u no?
get the $$$$$$hitttt out of your mouth.chat normal or should i right to be heard type normal and not adjectives that crap. grow up if you can not respond in adjectives sence.
if u think in recent times tht turned u on then if u see him nude u will be completly turned on

almost all boys want sex asap but thy other wait for the girls to be primed since girls dont have an urge as great as boys do
u are around 14 or 15 which is humane of young but i cant stop u
of late dont get aids or stds
i would articulate just skulk until your at the very lowest 16yrs old. likelihood are you will be one of many partner for each other. and I don`t know in a couple of years you'll be more grown. because sex is both physical and emotion especially for women
okay, first of adjectives you are a freshman in large school, you dont involve to have sex on the other hand. There are other ways of showing commitment. If you feel u hold to prove your commitment, there may be a problem you are trying to avoid facing. yes he ashamed himself, but haven't you ever embarassed yourself in front of him?

A lot of girls (and women) attain turned on by that, its natural, but if he hasnt even brought it up, consequently dont. If you feel you own to do something for it, then tender oral sex, but you guys are really young and will probably regret it next that you didnt wait, if you do. And 99.9% of guys will not influence no (unless they are gay) when a girl asks them to take things to the subsequent level.

If his embarassment is that desperate, it may be that he isn't ready to share things similar to that with someone else, so sex unquestionably would not be the answer.

Please think this through formerly you make a outcome
Gee, your questions is so complex to read.

Use spell check, use real words, not approximate words.

Use the return knob to separate your sentences.

Stick to the point; you bring up multiple points which seem to contradict respectively other.

If you are under 17 you are too childlike to consider sex; intercourse is not a favor to bestow on someone.

Value yourself.

And remember the spell check and real words tip!
is this equal girl about the guy who be wet surrounded by his pants? or be he embarrased he actually come in front of you?, if you wanna sleep next to him you guys gotta get ovre that. its not embarrasing, its fun, dont tolerate him be embarrassed. to be exact all a pious thing
Why is it that so several people reject to put spaces after periods? why?
You're of late sexually commited to him. My question is, Is he commited to you for the complete life? Maybe he simply want to have sex to you and afterwards he might let travel. I might say you commit on your other responsibilities within life, not merely on him. Make sure you finish your studies before you conclude up badly. You still can verbs your relationship while your at school, but craft sure it won't be an obstacle to both of you within your future.
~So what if he be embarrassed? Do you come up with you owe him some sex now? You owe him zilch. You owe yourself some self respect. They won't respect you after you give it away. They'll turn around and report to everyone. Then everyone will think you're effortless.
You are too young to own sex. You'll have profusely of relationships before you settle for one, and in a minute isn't the time to settle. What you are experiencing is puppy love.There are other ways of showing you care.
Can you parley to your dad or some other adult mannish that you trust about this? They'll inform you the same point, boys only want one entity. Guys WANT sex, with as lots girls as possible.
I'm not a guy, but I know what boys/men want.~

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