Abercromie & Fitch MODELS? MALES simply.?


Let me guess, you're a Victoria's Secret model, right?
me am model. me love you long time.
I would try going to the store and usually the models are listed somewhere contained by the store, ie: there name are on papers or listed on posters, but look unyielding because they just dont pop out at you!

(No im not a homosexual, i only just know this stuff)

By the way: my avatar looks similar to a model =)
yeah.did you know all the pictures are photoshopped? what they do is use an "imboss" brush to gross their abs stick out
your reatarded...
U should watch out asking society that on the net ur gonna seize some weird dated nasty man unfolding you he is with fabricate pictures go to shopping precinct and look for a hot guy.oh yeah and thoughs pictures are doctored they dont look that good within real duration i actully have to friends that work for Fitch and they dont look that suitable in genuine life!oh yeah and they are both men
If you want you shall find
why abercrombie and fitch... find those in calvin Klein..
And simply what did you plan to do with an A & F model? Go shopping? Let them oblige pick out your next double act of pumps? Get mani's and pedi's together.

Get it? THEY'RE GAY!
i used to model in their stores within NYC.
just step to an a & f store. they only hire accurate looking people so their you be in motion.. but i use to have a girl friend that have an older brother who be a model for them. he got compensated to stand outside the store handing out papers while he wore their clothing. he get to keep the clothing he wore too. the guy (23 at the time) have closets full of clothing from abercrombie. what would you want with one of those fake any way?

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