A interview around bleeding penis? lend a hand!?

If a guys penis starts to bleed what does that mean?
Also do you know any right doctors that can take some test and have the right answer. Please back!! Also do you know any good doctors only just for a check up. thank you

Unless the man constantly bleeds on a regular or maybe even once a week, this problem is not that serious as society might think it may be. If the character you know had this problem, and lone had this problem once i surmise i know what the cause of it be. Earlier in the light of day, the man probably was doing some work or be horse playing with his friends. Some how he get hit in the posterior, and got hit surrounded by his kidneys pretty hard. Your circulation of your kidneys filter your blood, but never uses blood as waste for the body. But next to that sudden hit, a small amount of blood wound up as waste and as described, the man bled while he be urinating. Like i said, this situation is if the bleeding only happen once. If more than once, it may be STD's, so i would see a doctor ASAP if continuing!
He needs to see a urologist ASAP.
Why would it bleed? resembling out of the pee hole? could be a very impossible urinary tract infection (UTI). He should be seen by a doctor.
Yikes, that sounds serious.

Bleeding from the penis can be cause for as many reason as bleeding from the arm or leg. Unfortunately, there are a few scenario's which are slightly more credible.

Several STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) have symptoms which include bloody discharge from the penis, and respectively of these are serious health problems that inevitability to be discussed with a Doctor.

Where the blood is coming from is also momentous when trying to figure out what cause the bleed. I can only assume it is self discharged from the opening of the penis, but if bleeding is occurring from sores or cuts along all along the penis, several more STD's come to mind.

I would strongly recommend seeking the advice of a qualified medical professional, even one as simple as your domestic doctor. It might be embarrassing, but contained by the end, the risks far outweigh the humiliation.

I wish you adjectives the very best. Good luck and stay past the worst.

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