Anal Itching, why, why me !!?

From time to time during the sumer time...i get this anal itching, tingly sensation contained by my anus area...why is that? I know i am setting myself up for nasty answers...but this is a real interrogate, for the last couple of night i havent been competent to sleep well because of my anal itching, i tried using "cortisone" is here another out of counter product i can use ? Why does this happen? Is it microbes related? Someone told me if i wash it beside vinegar it will go away, is this true? Also im a masculine in my mid 20's, not gay and taking INH medication for my TB

Itching is due to hemmoroidal tissue try preperation H
This could be due to worms. Check your faeces when you go to the toilet. You do not own to be a child to get them.
u must enjoy hemroids
Those are tiny worms my friend. Wash your hands more regularly and you should not feel the itch again. See a doctor if it keep itching longer than 3-4 days. (no kidding)
most of the time anal itching is related to hemmorhoids. Preparation H or Tucks pads may be of abet. I also find that just wash down there near soap and water help, wouldn't use vinegar, frankly that would burn like crazy. If the anal itch doesn't run away after you have tried adjectives of the above, consult your doctor, you may have a parasite.
It may be because of some parasital worms approaching enterobius vermicularis
you have impossible luck and dont use vinergar you 'll die
i get it too, dude. it sucks. it could be anything from fissures or hemmorhoids to intestinal fleas trying to exit - which is gross, but the average human is infested by over 100 different types of parasites - some upright, most bad. i'm still looking for an answer myself. hydrocortisone works, but you shouldn't use it too much (once a time for a week - read the directions). hopefully someone else knows...
Preperation H
pinworms are distinguished for being stirring around 10-12 pm. If you test positive for them (your doc may ask you to do the scotch video test a few times to seizure some eggs) it's a really simple treatment, just 1 pill and a repeat. You also mention summer time; hot weather is fungus season, so you might try anti fungal cream, similar to a cream for yeast infections or athletes foot. I'd go unproblematic on the vinegar idea. Keep completely clean next to plain warm hose down; you might want to wash that approach after each bm until this clears. Don't be afraid to discuss beside your doctor, this doesn't even rank surrounded by the list of gross question they hear in a daylight.
Try Peperation H u can but it at the store

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