A bit self conscious?

Im nearly 16 now and im a bit self concious give or take a few the size of my.manhood.I was simply wonderin if it really is a small size...? Its about 4 inches when not erect and in the region of 6 when erect is this normal.or small?

You are without fault normal and crash down well inside the range of a typical men's penis size. So various guys get hung up in the region of their bits and pieces, and start worrying, only to find they hold the same size as most of the manly population.
that's about usual for your age mate, you have nought to worry just about
don't worry chick, you're everyday, the girth helps as very well as the length.
Its normal but remember its not the size that matter, if you lean how to use it when the time comes all will be okay :)
Men you have no problem,its not the size but what you can do between the sheets.
You're fine and in the region of average, or bigger. Don't worry in the region of your size - there's nothing you can do roughly speaking it, so enjoy it anything size it is.
That's totally normal =)
if you are going to sleep near a porno actress or a prostitute then yo may own to worry. but find you woman and love her and treat her next to respect and honesty , then it wouldnt concern if you had a penis the size of a flea. purely find you a woman you could be happy beside , without sex one a factor ...then the sex is basically a bonus.
It's not the size of the hammer, it's the staple you're throwing it at!
ohhh..when erect...6..dang..well i guess its run of the mill!
Dead on average. Funny, only guys are crazed with the size of their penis. I wonder why?
It's middle-of-the-road.

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