Big foot...?

Is that old rumor around men having big foot, making them havea big penis? I was a short time ago wondering because when I went over my friend's house his father have huge feet.

P.S I'm of late wondering thing.

Hold on ... lemme check ... yeah, it's true!
I know just about if the man has big mouth consequently his penis is small and small mouth means big pines.

And if the women have small mouth means her vagina is small and tight and the big mouth method wide vagina.

This a experimental theory.
I hear it's the circumference of the fingers!
next time ask the dad to show you
big foot...large shoes
all right the idea is that everything is surrounded by proportion on the body, but i'm size 14 feet and my penis is 7" long. this is solitary slightly larger than the average penis which is 6" long, but i guess every inch counts. i don't think foot has plentifully to do with it, but possibly height overall. there's no concrete way to make clear to really
It's true
if your curious if that is true you can testing it yourself
Y=x divided by 2 and add 1
x=how long your foot are in inches
Y=how long your penis is contained by inches
you can see if its true in the safty of your own home
i love big nose, rumors are just that
he may be a circus clown ?
It's only just a myth.
I wear size 14 shoes and I'm WHITE !! I have zilch but foreskin when soft and about 71/2 inches when rugged. So shoe size definately has nought to do wtih dick size.

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