Am I commonplace?

Ok, I am a 18 year old guy. I love to masturbate. Everyday save everyother day. I lick my body, and legs, finger my butt, pee and spit on myself. I also look at gay and straight porn. I enjoy rubbed lotion all over myself and other wierd stuff, am I ordinary or do I need assist?

You are Normal, there are lots of guy that do matching thing as you. exploring your body is upright, there is zilch wrong with exploring your body. Enjoy and hold fun!

You are completely Normal and Healthy

have fun and savour!

any more questions have a feeling free to message back.
i would stop looking at gay porn individually
u arent 100% average or like 70% average
budge ahead and be a wierdo, you are supposed to while you are young, it help you figure out who you are and what you resembling, you are normal and you don't inevitability help

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