Condoms request for information?

My girlfriend and I are planning to have sex. It is both of ours first time. I call for the magnum sized condom but she won't have sex unless we use a spermicidal condom... which is not surrounded by magnum size. So which condom do I choose?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

thumbs up for wanting to protect yourselves! try buying spermicidal lubricant separately and tally a drop or two inside the condom. actually, though, research indicates that non-spermicidal condoms are equally important to those with spermicide as long as they are used correctly. this money that you don't rip or tear them, within is enough inborn or water-based lube so as not to break them, and you pinch the air out of the tip when putting it on. also, spermicide can be fundamentally irritating.

i would highly suggest that your girlfriend consider hormonal borth control, such as the pill, patch, shot or ring, surrounded by addition to condoms. possibly you should both visit a local kinfolk planning clinic to discuss all of your option. they often hold many forms of contraceptived available at low cost and can administer you advice. congratulations on self responsible and enjoy!
If you don't use the correct size, the condom could burst or cleave. She can buy spermacid in any foam, vaginal inserts or jelly. Please, be sure to follow the instructions carefully/
Spermicidals in a condom is only an extra feature. Any condom is sufficient as long as it is made within latex. Use water base personal lubricants like K-Y Jelly or Astroglide. Do not use grease based lubricants approaching baby grease, lotions, petroleum jelly and others. This can irritate the vagina and damage the condom.

If she desires to be sure, she should have sex near you just after her menstrual spell. There is a certain number of days after which a woman is infertile and can not be become pregnant.

Check next to fertility clinics.
Trojan ENZ has spermicide

Damn they don't flog them anymore! Shows how long its been since i've bought them, I used to obtain them all the time, sorry!
use the magnum size
you can buy spermicidal foam or patch, or spray to use with it
A condom should fit approaching a glove. Not too tight but not so loose it can fall past its sell-by date either. you know your body better than anyone else. Using the wrong size condom (too big OR too small) is not safe and sound.

Also not always not detrimental is the spermicide nonoxynol-9.

lifestyles and other brands offer a range of sizes. you can also get separate spermicidal jelly or foam to use next to the condoms you already use.

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