Do guys close to using non-hazardous force on girls? (not rape, lately showing her he's stronger)? holding her hand tight whilst kissing her so she couldn't push him away and stuff...

harmless force( similar to what you described, not rape) would be a turn-on for me LOL. that would be cute and would make me surface more safe and in safe hands!! i think i would also similar to the sense of domination LOL.
Only the dominating, aggressive men. Which is like 95 % of full-size males.
Well some guys like to be contained by control of the situation because they are the alpha male i guess but as long as it does dont grounds any physical,emotional mar to her and she loves it, why not?
holding hands or holdng tight close to you doesnt penny-pinching the guy is using force it is through effection for the partner with a clandestine meaning of let be like this forever, dont want to permit go thats the judgment
If she says no after that means no. If you hold her down lacking asking her and have sex in need her OK then it is rape. It is not non-hazardous force to show your strength in this opening.
I like the domination!
If he does this when your alone at his place or yours, that's too threatening. My friend be wrestling with a platonic friend once and he groped her. So that would be an example of how manly aggression is a sign of psychological illness.

Tell him you would prefer something more romantic close to carrying you in public or afford him a really heavy pouch to carry. That's what gentlemen do.
i agree next to kickin_ass101!!~~~
I love the domination!
I don't think it's a sign of psychological disorder, as erin put it... In nature in attendance is no such thing as rape, and surrounded by most species most matings take place beside the female resisting surrounded by some form or fashion, quantity of that is to cause sure that only the strongest males are the ones who successfully mate. If the womanly can fend of the males advances, what giving of male is he? So I chew over it is somewhat in their instinct to lift what they want forcefully, so to speak... or rather, invade their will upon you, if you will. Most guys would never consciously rape a woman but when you're in the accomplishment of making love that kind of instinctual drive does appear to come out in them. It can be alarming for young females who aren't familiarized with men within that way, but after while you kinda take used to it, and may even learn to wallow in it as some girls here obviously own. Many women love to be "swept off their feet", and estimate about it, sweeping you rotten your feet is literally, physically picking you up and carrying you past its sell-by date. Even in a symbolic romantic sense, it's better when a guy makes you topple in love next to him, rather than asks you to... You'd never want to be forced to do anything against your will but it is nice when the guys will is stronger than yours, and you grant in to him. I conjecture that's the way make-up intended it.

lol rant over
i think i'll purely let her be, so that she won't be intimidated.

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