About masterbating?

i am 24 year's, and continue to masterbasting departed 7 years once a day. my penis is also not straight. it is serious probem or not, what is the solution. but previous one year i had control the masterbating simply 3 or 4 time in a week

See? That's what happen!
yeah you better stop before it shrivels up and falls sour
good keep hold of controlling
No you dont have any serious problems, you shouldnt be afraid of masterbating. Its middle-of-the-road.
i dont think the two are related. look up la peyrones disease or the bent spike on the web.
Whooo Hoooo way to progress!
Nothing at all wrong near a daily toss. generate sure you change hand for two reasons, 1st. hold on to the other arm at same muscle tone. 2nd. when you change hand, it feels close to someonelse. LOL.
Some have bends slight to disappeared or right, some slight bend up or down. "It could be the way you embezzle matters contained by hand"
Seriously, if you really worried about the bend, step see a doctor. Keep smilin'
A man whose penis has suffered a blunt trauma or injury during intercourse may not often sustain a penile fracture,[35] or come later contained by life to suffer from Peyronie's disease.[36] Phimosis is "a contracted foreskin (that) may do trouble by hurting when an attempt is made to pull the foreskin back".[37] In these cases, any noisy manipulation of the penis can be problematic.

Lawrence I. Sank[38] observed that masturbating prone (lying face downward) could be responsible for sexual problems contained by men including anorgasmia and erectile dysfunction, as observed in four men he examined. He coined the permanent status traumatic masturbatory syndrome to describe this theory. As of 2007, no follow-up research have been conducted and the conception is not familiar or widely-held inside the medical community. Some sources, however, give credence to the perception. One sex therapist[39] condemned masturbation by rubbing against a pillow or mattress and Lipsith et al[40] suggest that masturbation could play a part surrounded by male psychogenic sexual dysfunction (MPSD), citing Sank as their authority. MPSD is a difficulty surrounded by reaching orgasm during intercourse, and developing a dependence on masturbation.
Masturbation is not causing a bend surrounded by your penis. Stop worrying, masturbation should be enjoyed guilt free and as much as you want.
Theres no problem.Not adjectives penises are straight.Some say have a bent penis can stimulate spots straight penises cant.Mine is bent to and theres no problem at all
I'm glowing with it and so is my girlfriend
yo due, jerkin' past its sell-by date once a day is cool.. close to mine sticks str8 up, me best mate's hangs down.

we are adjectives different!!

just keep hold of cu.mming dude,
there is no problem whether up or down, gone or right. As long you can achieve an erection, that's worthy. Actually, this is due to the way of you place you penis contained by your underwear since young time. if you watch that the way your penis is human being house in the underwear after few hours, Your penis is resembling to curve to the direction. Masturbation has be on the BBC news that cuts down cancer http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/307202...
You should be OK. This sounds average to me.
Masturbating doesn't have an discouraging effects, do it all you want. It also doesn't own anything to do with the shape of your penis. Most penises aren't straight, but they are flexible and work only just fine if and when they find themselves inside a woman's vagina.
Im 26 and do it every day that I dont achieve any action, its average. Its not like you are over doing it, it routine you have a conventional sex drive for a guy our ages.

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