Backbone and trauma?

Today I was playing basketball near some friends. So I was double teamed while i be dribbling, both tried to steal the ball from me, so I batty a spin crossover but one of them accidentally hit me hard surrounded by the backbone, he hit me between the lover cervical area and the upper thoracic nouns. The other hit me between the upper lumbar and the lower thoracic.

The hit in the thoracic to lumbar nouns caused me small shock (the same shock u get the impression when u hit ur ulnar nerve) but the shock only last less than a second.

The other hit cause me a very small bruise and it merely hurts when i touch it but it is not that severe. Currently, i feel no numbness and no tickling and I can control every portion in my body and I have a feeling no pain excluding the bruise.

My question is:
Can that stunt growth?
Will I preserve growing?
Will this affect my growth?


um..okay. No, probably and no but that there are more factor that affect growing than a couple guys feeling you up. Your growth depends more on your parents(dad's if you are a guy) and your age
Yes,you will remain four foot three and a partially inches tall for the rest of your vivacity.

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