What is the percentage of manly and womanly masturbation within 30 to 40 year olds?

I'm 36 and it's every chance i catch!!!...
I assume pretty high ...lol
really wierd question !

why would they ask or count that type of entity !

just try to live within the real world.
I am sure they are incredibly high
~Why do you folks assume the number would be high? Most ancestors in this age span are married. I think the number of times they masturbate go down with age!
The number is lofty in teen boys.~
yea prolly not that much
it is probally low for married race with a sex natural life not not to say they dont...but poeple that dont probally do it more....
im kinda stereotyping but yeaaa
uhh ? not alot some where on earth aroung 1-30 percents? because old empire dont masturbate alot they dont have TIME to do that but they do own time to have SEX=)

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