Why when guys hold sex do they sometimes not ejaculate but receive soft contained by the middle?

Yeah it happens. Usually if I'm not really contained by the mood (I know sounds wierd coming from a guy). Or if I am playing Playstation at the same time as sex and go and get side tracked.
lol this means he have had an ejaculation formerly yall has sex and he didnt hold any sperm at the moment to ejaculate

Hope this helps l8a
Erectile dysfunction can strike any guy at any time.

It I don`t know a one off or occur often.

It may be because of medication, alcohol or it may be other cause
Sometimes the guy might just be going through the motions and not hitting a specifically good spot for himself, but may verbs thrusting. If the girl is having a really suitable time, but the guy is not getting a great spot he might keep going freshly to see her reaction. Sometimes that could bring him to go soft.
If he didn't ejaculate later it's probably going to be a lot easier to seize it up again, just do something that feel good for him.

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