Are Humans Perverts?

do u think human beings r perverts( not sure if this would be the right word)

sex is for so u can reproduce. animals (not humans) with the sole purpose have sex to reproduce but humans enjoy sex for fun. would this consider humans perverts?

Dolphins have sex in recent times for pleasure. They have be known to absorb in sexual relations near same sex dolphins and members of their own family. Dolphins have even be observed attempting to mate with other species including turtles and humans. Are they perverts too? Chimpanzies tend to own sex whenever they feel similar to and monkeys, dogs and several other animals have be observed masturbating on a regular basis. 1 out of every 10 mannish sheep is gay and will only mount other males and several species of birds enjoy had various homosexual monogamous pairings.

Therefore, humans are not the only species that enjoy sex for pleasure and there are immediately suggestions in the scientistfic community that sex within the natural world may not be simply in the order of spreading the seed, but more to do near re-enforcing interpersonal relationships between members of a society or inherited unit.
get made humans to have sex and reproduce a short time ago because they use condoms to prevent having a son doesent create them evil abominations of god as far as im concerned if it wasnt from condoms wed adjectives be dead from a plague or huge period of war by now
No. The reality that humans are the only animals that wallow in sex does not make them perverts. Humans hold a more developed consience and so they enjoy adjectives the feelings of companionship, of the contrasting sex's figure, and of adjectives the nerve ending in their body individual stimulated.
Dolphins and monkeys also have sex for fun

and NO humans are not by non-attendance perverts for enjoying sex,

Humans enjoy sex is a natural entity that goes rear legs to the point that sex is to reproduce, as a sentient species we need more than simply an urge to have sex, it have to be pleasurable to appeal to our minds as well, which accordingly encourages us to do it more, and results contained by more reproduction of the species.

Having sex also releases endorphins in our brains that are the 'happy pills' of the body, so it is made to be a pleasurable experience for adjectives humans, regardless of gender.
It's human make-up. we can't help it. It wasn't our culpability that we all own hormones. lol

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