Best style to shave pubic pelt?

you dont shave it... people wax it usually
wax it! you don't want blade bumps in your "vulnerability zone" :]
use clippers
Do not use a razor. If you do you will run the risk of ingrown down and infection. Use clippers. It gets it pretty close, have the same effect and you wont go and get an ingrown hair.
Best means of access to do it is use an electric razor to cut it. thats what i skin as bumps approaching some people said.
"No" you don't wax your pubic fuzz. don't listen to those people.

You should first trim your pubic coat, sometimes just have them neat is better later shaving, girls and some boys like empire who keep it debonair.

If you do decide to shave, do it terribly slowly so that you'll will not cut yourself but remember that if you don't keep it up at lease 3 or 4 times a week, your latest hair growth will start to itch and can be a bit uncomfortable.

I've be doing it for over 5 or 6 years now and I'm use to unsullied hair growth and i single shave 2 times a week and do it very swiftly without a problem, if I have to, I can do it with my eyes closed. but I don't recommend it unless you be doing it for several years.

I don't get cut-throat bumps but remember that everyone is different.

Good Luck and any more questions quality free to message back.
ok first step: first trim pubes near some scissors as low as you can go. subsequent get some shaving cream spread it around and agree to it soak there for in the order of 5 minutes to soften the pubic down..., then catch a new sharp cut-throat , after that get the cut-throat and shave down and then up...simply once each route to reduce ingrown curls., after each time you travel down and up rinse the razor and remove the spine..., after you're done shaving put some moisturizer on there to keep hold of the area from getting to dry and sensitive., and shave every hours of daylight to every other day to prevent ingrown hair from coming and this will reduce the amount of fuzz clogging up your razor after the first time you shave...flawless luck..
well you should wax it so it doesnt bring prickily...
Buy a good personal trimmer. You don't want to buy some cheap trimmer that will rip the fuzz out. I recommend the Bodygroom by phillips - it is pretty good. Check:

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