Better to freshly cut pubic hackle beside scissors or shave?

Trim trim trim! Scissors all the mode!!

Shaving just leaves everything SOOO prickly and irritating (>_<)
cut it near scissors to a really short length first and for a closer cut shave it
hey buddy dont use a razor what ever you do dont use a cut-throat. use clippers scissors if you must but clippers are the best way cut-throat will give you barmy razor burn and trust me it sucks
what the h--- are you conversation about? quit nature alone boy.
once you start shaving you won't know how to stop because it grows back thicker and dark each time, it also give you ingrown hairs and can hurt when the stubble grows surrounded by..
if you don't want to do something more long term approaching waxing, stick to newly scissors
So apparently there are greatly of hairy culture on Yahoo. Spring for a trimmer (they're not expensive, invest the 15-or 20 bucks, okay?); trust me, it's just better. After you trim, wax. If you don't want to earnings for a professional job, you can find some inexpensive wax stips and DIY. Hope it works out for you.

P.S. -- That thing nearly the hair growing final coarser... old wive's myth. Don't even bother paying attention to that one.
Just buzz it beside clippers. Less danger of stabbing yourself beside scissors. But it is better to use scissors than shave down clean. Because when it starts to grow out it itches.
Shave it right stale. Just make sure you hang on to it real verbs for the first few weeks while your skin gets used to not have the fur coat.

My wife prefers me shaved and I've been that route so long I can dry shave w/o any irritation.
shave is the best one
Norelco Bodygroom works for me.
my bf uses beard trimmers...

if you going for the nude look... use the above and a new polite quality cut-throat... with shaving gel. and a no burn aftershave...

delight in your new look...

i prefer the trimmed look... and feel good for us ladies... hehe
I would vote just trim. Be scrupulous!
i like when my guy trims it tremendously short with scissors

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