Blindness and masturbation?

ive heard that masterbating cause blindness, i do have poor fantasy but i doubt it has anything to do beside it.

I dont want any church stuff, just concrete data

yes it's true and sex'll engender you deaf
no it doesnt
that is NOT true
No, masturbation cause blindness is just a myth. You will enjoy to shave the palms of your hands periodically, though.
This is not true. It's probably something some stupid parent made up along time ago because they thought that self exploration be naughty. There is nil wrong with masturbation. We adjectives do it and no one have ever lost their eyesight yet, so wallow in.
this is an old wives parable but many of them enjoy some basis of truth to them isn't it funny that grandma said if youplay beside it you'll go blind and today we revise that taking erection assistance drugs can cause blindness contained by some cases. This is caused by pressure on the retina due to soaring blood pressure. viagra and others increase blood flow to the penis ..coincidence? You make the hail as.
i masturbate a lot and my nightmare sometimes gets blurry lol
I first hear that around 1957, so I masturbated only until I needed eyeglasses in 1967.
All I can update you is that I have be jacking off since I be 12 and I'm 66 now, still doing it, and enjoy 20/20 corrected vision. I didn't want reading glasses until I be over 60. That crazy "old wives tale" have been going around since I be a teenager masses moons ago...and probably long before that. No side effects to masturbation at adjectives! Enjoy!
No it won't cause blindness.

I know you said no church stuff, but i basically wanted to throw within that there is no clear answer contained by the bible about masturbation. So don't consent to anyone sway you with that strip of reasoning.

Back on topic. One of the healthiest things you can do. Masturbating won't hurt you in any means of access. Enjoy!
that is a huge fake
Yes, masturbation can effect ur eyesight. It will cause other problems 2 if u don't muffle or quit.

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