Age and penis size, do not feign?

just wondering

16 yo and just about 5in when erect
Yes, it gets bigger as you seize older. It's almost the only article that gets better after 20. Then after 60 it falls stale.
Why are all you guys crazed with your peckers ?
11 beside 4in
11 w/ 7incer
16 and 8.2in 5.3in around
32, 7.5 in and 5.5 around. Most girls are more interested surrounded by what you can do with what you hold rather afterwards the size. Most girls dont want anything to big, more then 7 because it will pound thier cervix and raison d`¨ētre pain.
I am 16 next to 7 3/4" when i wake up (best time to measure). One interview, if its kind of slight now ( close to inch across) will it widen beside age?
I'm 13 and mine is 6 inches long and 5 inches around.

Try asking in the polls and surveys catagory, you might capture a few more answers.
14 ... 8 inchess
17 ,7.5 in..
11 beside 7.1 inches erect 5.5 normal.
im 18 and my penis is 1.5 inches sagging and 4 inches hard

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