Answer single if you're between 13-18 years frail!!?

What do guys look for in a girl?

smart pretty funny and confident
and definetly firm to get
taking up

good situation

and a face to boast to adjectives of my guy friends
uhhh, cuteness???? popularity?? knowledge?? gentleness??? who knows???
I close to a girl that's confident and likes herself. I know girls who own such low self esteem it's crippling, and for no reason. Also, individually I like girls that are intelligent and hold a sense of humor, girls that are fake or stupid simply aren't attractive. Basically, I like a girl that keep it real.
Acceptance and Companionship are the most noteworthy to me. In order for me, or most guys to be confident, we stipulation someone to accept us and also be loyal.. No guy like a girl who cheats a flirts with adjectives the other guys..
Must be:
1. Intelligent
2. Pretty
3. Not a slag or someone who goes out beside a new boyfriend every week.
glory, if she makes me fell similar to im in glory im good
1)she have to be spontaneous, someone who is energetic and exciting to be near
2)honesty! no one like liars!!
3)Intelligence, I want someone I can hold an intelligent conversation with, I dont purely want a pretty face and an abandoned head
4)NO WHORISH behavior, no guy desires a sl*t (unless he's just tryin to gain sum). For me carrying yourself properly is a necessity.

Theres more but those are kinda the main points
a vigilance loving person next to a big heart
nice and long hair
clothed boobs
open to anal, oral & vaginal sex
I look for someone sweet, nice, and cute. Someone who like to go out to the movies, the shopping arcade, talk, or purely hangout.
Someone open style funny and isnt afraid to rveal their true personality within front of. :)
great person
someone that i can have a logiccal converstion next to
All guys will say look, but every1 think personality is knob ;]

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