Do any of you men remember visit "Kerpans" an all-male bath-house within St. Louis?

Kerpans was a wonderful old-time bath-house, exclusively for men. It have everything, including all the pools and saunas, exercise rooms, lounge, TV room, snack-bar, bunks for nap. Males of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest be welcome, and the standard dress be complete nudity. It be a wonderful place to just be uncovered with other males for an hour or a undamaged day. Do any men remember visit this facility, back surrounded by the 70s?

No have not be I know where it be. The place is no longer in business are you from St Louis
When I get married in 69 my father within law and brother surrounded by law introduced me to Kerpans. My wife and I have an apartment not to far and I would go here. It was great. Unfortunately contained by the 80's the gay population in the nouns took it over and then it be closed down. It was though for a while a swallow of the european or nordic spa in St. Louis. Fond memories. Getting a rubdown after jumping into the pool and after a sauna.

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