Am i turning gay?

I am 16 years old
I could not be not be more attracted to girls, i chew over they are amazing creatures.
I masturbate about 3 times a week other after watching porn on my pc, i used to single watch girl / girl video but recently i own started to watch girl / boy alot more.
Although i am not physically attracted to men (face etc), i am experiencing sexual fantasies involving a man's d**k.
Please report me what this means and what it may head to in the adjectives

Hi, you are not gay, people are born gay, you would not enjoy been watching girl on girl porn if you be gay
ewww um ya
you're not gay.

The definition of being gay is individual attracted to your own sex.

You're not.

You're watching boy/girl porn. Guys do this. It's normal.
no your only just a teenager...dont verbs!
That doesn't mean a piece. Having men in your fantasies is probably turning you on, because surrounded by those situations you can compare and identify with those men. As far as I'm concerned one doesn't turn gay by have men in their fantasies. Having gay sex or romantically loveing another man is another story, but anyone gay is thing of will. One channel not to turn gay is to have sex vivacity with a girl, although lurk for 18th birthday and if you don't know her be cautious of desieses.
These r singular the fantasies of adolescence.
At 16 you are not emotionally season enough to be watching porn. Porn is an unrealistic outlook of "life within the sex lane". Porn is an acceptable nouns for mature adults if they choose to use it. You are neither an fully developed, nor are you mature, despite what you may infer. Stop obsessing near porn and get yourself involved contained by activities more your speed - baggy with friends, skate boarding, university activities, double date, Friday night cruisin' next to your buds, you get the opinion.

As for "turning gay". That doesn't happen. It is a condition of birth. If you are gay you will know. If you are gay it's OK, treaty with it. If you are not gay, that's OK too, accord with it.

Life is a series of research experiences. Choose well and you'll live ably.
Because you have dreams next to men's members involved doesn't miserable much. At your age, hormones are running rampant and fantasies are wild and seemingly insurmountable. This is natural body chemistry kicking within. Don't sweat it!
Ignore anyone who tells you culture are born homosexual. People consciously become attracted to & participate next to their own gender sexually. Prisons prove that among both gender. Your true feelings sexually are for women. Most adjectives men at some time think just about another penis. It can't be helped & is typical. It only lead to something if you consciously pursue the fantasy. If you cogitate girls are amazing, that is a regular heterosexual train of thought at your age. Relax & enjoy your attraction to girls !
Your freshly curious it's okay.
Yep.Next thing ya know you'll be slamming some bunholeo.
most predictable not
raging hormones don't worry. Probably run of the mill
yea your definetly gay there is without question about that
your not gay.

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