Is it doomed to failure to sleep lacking using a pillow?

I've been sleeping minus a pillow since 3-4 years. I also heard that sleeping minus a pillow is good for your posterior (avoids hunchback). So, is it good to use a pillow or not?

What are the benefits?

ergh. that would give the impression of being annoying after a while. Idk, i prefer flatter mom likes to use 2 or even 3 pillows which is too much..but no pillows is purely bad as profoundly of pillows to me.
Flat pillows are best, personally.

I have an idea that sleeping without a pillow aligns your pay for, might give you better posture because of the alignment (idk if thats for sure), probably (unless you're sleeping on your side) you wont win neck pains, sleeping on your stomach lowers blood pressure..and I don`t know sleeping without those bends within the body you could get slightly (just a tad) lower blood that..idk.
But whatever is comfy to you..If you're not hurting later by all system..keep right on doin it.
okay it gives u a straight spinal column
so yeah if ur comfortable with it
Sleeping minus a pillow won't be any better for your back than sleeping next to a pillow, but then again its no worse.

As long as its comfortable for you afterwards that is the basic thing. If you don't get up up with any d¨Ścolletage pain, and thats what help you to get a worthy night sleep, after i would recommend you keep going as you are.
if its comfortable, it does not hurt when you rouse up, and if you get a apt night sleep, it is not bleak for you.
yes a pillow is good
No. There are a great deal of people that sleep minus pillows. Pillows are not a requirement. Young children & infants sleep without pillows. In certainty in some instances too plentiful pillows may cause problems.
Nope, I do it every dark. No problems.

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