5in penis small or big?

im 13 and my penis is 5.2 or 5.3 in, is this a lil small or big 4 my age? im kinda curios

The average penis length for a 13 year outmoded, according to a survey conducted by Jackin' World Inc., is 5.1". So you are in the average capacity. I'm 13 and mine is 6 inches, but I'm kind of soaring too, so idk. You should reach your full size by 19. (That's what my doctor said)
first of adjectives if you are up at this time of the morning worring about your penis than you must deliberate its small and there is nil we can say to get it bigger. You are still young it will grow some more purely keep it contained by your pants because it will stop growing the minute you pilfer it out
hmm. well why do you standard yurself anyways.? I mean yur 13 not 15.

I guess its OKAY size. As long as its big enuff to do SUMTHIN next to.
Normal for your age.
beat rotten once a day and you'll be fine.

Also, it's funny how a bunch of girls are answering your sound out like they know what they're conversation about. haha
13 year olds should not be unsupervised online. This query is a great example of why. Dear all of us survey dateline predator. If you are worried about your penis speech to your parents.
it s bigger than mine and im and adult
vastly SMALL
you are on normal extent
they only calculate adult men, and six inches is the international average for an fully fledged man, so you are just fine.
That is a majority size for your age. Wait till your 20 it will be the full size its supposed to be. So, yes, you are a good size for your age but dont verbs so much about it.
ooo i regard its pretty big
i mean my X be ur age & he said it was 5in.
so yeah ur biddable
wow get rotten of ByeDr.com and go ask your dad because i don't deduce your even old satisfactory to be on here unsupervised.
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