Arm mass working out?

i read that the easiest part to build mass and catch results while working out and lifting weights are the arms. How should a skinny beginner, first time lifting, travel about working out to produce results contained by his arms? Thanks!

there are abundant things u can do...
for building up the arms, u need to do immense barbell curls, this is the foundation of building mass... heavy, simple movements..

start with 1--2 sets of almost 10--20 of light curls, this will pump the blood into your arms beforehand u begin the fatty work out..
do about 4--6 sets of large curls.. vary your work out.. on some days, do 4 pouring sets, on other days, do 6--8 lighter sets, and then train it with a set so stocky, u can hardly raise anymore!

u also need to work the "brachia" muscle, this is the muscle below the bicep... by working this muscle, u will build a "peek" a elevated bicep..
the best excercise for this is reverse grip barbell curls, and "hammer curls" use a dumbell, and hoist it like u are pounding a sledge hammer..

u need to build the tricep muscle, this accounts for two-thirds of your arm mass.. try dips, bench press, pull-ups,

this is what most empire don't understand: u have need of to eat properly!
50% of mass building and substance lifting is the diet.
eat a bunch of protein now after u lift!
meat, tuna, protein drinks.
distribute your muscles about 48 hours rest between large work outs... if u are skinny, u need to put away severely! lots of protein... lots of complex carbs (brown rice, whole wheat, potaotes, vegetables)
if u follow this, i guarantee u will see results!!
work tough on your triceps that muscle makes up 1 3rd of your arm . get through alot and you will grow but it takes time .
First and foremost... Do not overwork your arms you merely need in the order of 3 different exercises and only work your arms once a week. Your arms are a small muscle and it doesn't tak musc to build. try this site:

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