Are bikini briefs popular among teens?

I am 14 and i was wondering if that style of underwear is popular among our age group? I own never seen any of my griends wear them adopt me? is it because they are concious?.tell me what you regard.

yes bikini underwear are back contained by many guys are wearing them underneath boxers??
i like them.
yes,bikini is popular.
It would appear that briefs are coming final in style. Probably not the granny panties or "tighty whities" that be once so common. But as more style become more available and guys realize that underwear beside a pouch is a wonderful thing, boxers are going to be on the track out. Fads come and go, but the material issue has to be comfort, not trend. Boxers be huge for awhile because it was the cool item, not because they were adjectives that comfortable. Think about it, going freeballing is still more comfortable that hold wedgies and wadding. If you haven't tried it, once you do, you probably won't go hindmost. IN the meantime, be strong, realize that you've found out what other guys probably won't for another few years yet and set a trend instead of following it. More guys wear them than you realize.
i am 14 too and i regard as they are normal (as guys very soon walk near their jeans down about partially of their butt)
you choose
uhh yeah
i still wear boxers...

the next best entity to naked

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