Are a penis and a clitoris similar ?

if they are similar, could a clitoris be a female penis ?

Well, scientists speak that the same bundle of nerves within the genital region, depending on the sex of the child, will begin to form into any a clitoris, or into a penis. That change take place very impulsive on, while the child is still in utero... So surrounded by a sense, the penis is a big clitoris, and/or the clitoris is a tiny penis. They're apparently supposed to have outstandingly similar sensations, but then, we're adjectives going to have to charitable of take science's word on that, aren't we?
They start rotten being one within the same entity in a foetus - manly hormones make it grow into a penis. So yes. within a sense they are similar and have like type of highly sensitive nerves.
Well they both increase within size when you get "horny" so I would enunciate yes, they are similar.
as far as how your body feels yes... It can return with you sexually aroused if touched a certain opening and if you continue to hold friction it could produce an orgasm
there are some differences, however, you can consider them to be impossible to tell apart.
yes... in oodles ways its a tiny penis.

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