As you obtain elder do ears adjustment contained by size and reshape?

wen i was younger i use to hold kinda big ears, but as i seem to procure older they own chnaged shape and size and are less big, so they are majority size now.

That's unusual, as ears & nose continue to grow adjectives your life!
as you carry older, the do find bigger.. longer normally

its to do beside gravity really.. the skin gets looser..

outlandish that they are getting smaller.

but the older you take the longer they get, as its harder to violate gravity

the only cut of your body that remains the same throughout existence is your eyes.
Actually, the myth is that your ears and nose never stop growing. What really happen is that some of the cartilage there loses its firmness and shape, cause parts to drop and change form.
They loose change shape and the earlobes starts hanging resembling a dogs bo**ox..You also get a mass of spike growing out of them which looks like grey broccoli...
Hi,did you own an hang up give or take a few your ears.Hope you like your conventional ones.
yes most things get bigger as you grasp older but nearby are exceptions! he he
I just guess they change size
we will attain you back when you grow elder mine are the same funny point nature aint it
yes your snout and ears still grow with the tresses in your feeler and ears

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