Am I too skinny?

Alright, I'm 6 foot and weigh 138lbs at the age of 16.

For about two years presently I've been have weight problems. About 1 1/2 years ago, I be 5'10 and weighing 110lbs!

The singular reason that I'm asking this sound out is because I'm told I'm way too skinny, but surrounded by my mind I just see myself as self just a regular thin guy.

Also, In times past couple of years I've struggled through anorexia, but fortunitly I think I've recovering, and recovering other.

you're perfect. you own a BMI of 18.7.. i have a BMI of 18.5.. you're at the lower finish off so yes, you're skinny. but not tooo skinny. stay the way you are. but it wouldn't hurt to gain a bit more, would it??
you're still young, you'll flood out. i am 5'9", was going on for 115 lbs when i was 16, in a minute as an adult i am around 170 lbs. so you still got a ways to jump, good luck!
only keep intake healthy and you should be fine DO NOT BE ANOREXIC to be exact hoorible for you... like i said basically keep ingestion healthy... virtuous luck!
dont worry man!!
im 15 and am 6.1 foot high and whiegh 125
ur fine dont worry jus workout ( or move about into competative swimming like i do)
Wow you are too skinny. I hope you enjoy fully recovered, but you are still underweight. Try and eat more foods next to protein and do some weight lifting. I'm 5'7, and 124 pounds, am I flabby? lol

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