When i am really hungover sometimes my facade get red spots on it is this typical?

this is after a night of really easier said than done drinking. my face feel hot and sometimes i get smal pimple resembling spots on my face. they second all light of day sometimes into the next

Answers:    Drinking will do this to you and it moderately depends on your kind of skin texture and sensitivity. Sounds close to you managed to over do it and this will overly drench the blood vessels and motive them to respond in this opening. Might recommend that you drink a little smaller amount or not at all. Drinking will entrap up with you and mete out you to age visually, much faster.

Where are you drinking? If you are drinking in a smoky tavern or are a smoker it's possible that the impurities within the air are clogging your pores, the dehydrating effect of the alcohol might be cause your dry face to produce excessive grease, clogging the pores more than normal. Once your body get hydrated again, the spots disappear. I don't know if this is an idea but it's possible.

I'd suggest drinking more dampen while you're drinking and drinking as much water as you can stand previously you go to bed, and when you wake up up drinking even more water. Also clean up your face and use a moisturizer up to that time sleeping.
This is not normal and could be a sign of elevated blood pressure.. Used to happen to my uncle, he died of a heart attack cause by high blood pressure.. SEE A DOC ASAP!

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