Do those usually die from prostate cancer?

Not as much these days. With the blood oral exam called PSA. Prostate cancer is caught much quicker than before. Now, most citizens die with it and not from it
no not really not alot of the time but some time the surgery go wrong and you will look very differrent from other population very differrent, that's the article about plastic surgery you will never know what will take place that's why the doctor made you sing a contract that the doctor will not be responsible for what went wrong within that room! good luck=)
Not that I know of. My Dad (81 years old) go through the surgery last year, and is facing it again this year.
There are different types of prostate cancer. Some are aggressive and metastasize (spread to other organs). These will normally result in annihilation. Others are slow growing and do not move to other parts of the body. In those cases, the cancer is unlikely to be the direct cause of departure.

You would need to make conversation to an oncologist to understand the specifics of your own cancer.
Yes you will die save treated early.

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