How do I stop?!?!?

I'm a guy so this isn't really something urgent. I just want to attempt to downfall it. I have this obsession of biting my nails. It's usually when I'm easily upset or just bored. How can i stop this?

P.S. Don't endow with bullshit like "Just don't be afraid or bored"

Most of these answers are just suggesting another craving. What i did is is just stop. I know it sounds close to im bragging or something but what you need to do is mull over of evrything youve poked or touched during the day and how dirty they are. Good Luck!:)
tons people hold that same problem. personally i dont but ive be told the way to cure it would be to chew gum.
I do this to. [My pin isnt even near the tip of finger.] I put bandades on the ones near really bad bites but right when you transport them off your past its sell-by date chewing.
try chewing gum instead
dip your fingertips in something hurtful, tabasco sauce .. or try getting a box of toothpicks and when the urge to bite your nails comes chew on one..
first step would be to return with yourself a nail directory and file away adjectives the poky outty bits..leave yourself nought to chew on. a friend of mine used to put a band aid on her Lil finger, even though it wasn't needed , she picked at this instead of biting.. perchance worth a try ?
You can get stuff at the drugstore. NuSkin is used to cover torn cuticle or sway nails but it taste HORRIBLE! Put that on you finger tips and it will help you break the craving. Also try breathing techniques to quieten yourself. When you start to feel the urge breathe so that your stomach sticks out. This system you're getting oxygen all the means of access to the bottom of your lungs and it will help you relaxing down. Be sure and inhale through your nose. When you inhale through you trunk a gas is released that lets your organs relax. I know that sounds unnatural but it's true! Try it! What do you have to lose? It's free! LOL
They sort this special nail polish (it's clear) that make your nails love nasty. We used it on my niece. It stays on for days and she HATED it! If that doesn't work, you could try some form of hypnosis treatment.
Try taping or putting bandaids on the tips of your fingernails. Trust me it help. You realize your biting your nails next. I've also heard gum is an allternative too. If you ever arrest yourself chewing your nails freshly think through it and correct yourself.
economically, one way is chew gum close to all the time. Or they own this stuff out in the stores. Its clear. It is supposed to drink HORRIBLE. Which it does. So whenever you go and bite your nail, you willl taste it, and wager on off. Its call Thumb.
i have a great remedy for that buy some polish remover and put it on your finger tips every light of day...dont worry it wont fashion you sick but it taste awful and when you put you fingers within your mouth it will remind you not to do this!
Dude, I have one and the same exact problem. I would say that you should basically chew gum or the nail polish article.
i suggest finding another way to occupy your hand
oh and "just dont be troubled or bored"
hahaha i love you
no really
i had this problem and i merely chewed gum or they have this stuff you put on your nail at walmart on the isle that has staple clippers, and files. called stop bite or something approaching that. you put it on your nail and when you walk to bite it tastes approaching crap. lol hope this helps
Put a rubberband around your wrist...not a tight one. Every time you attain the urge to bite your nails, snap the rubberband.

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