Are women detrimental to men's vigour ?

Not much more detrimental than men are for women. The gap within life expectancy is narrowing swiftly, or whatever.
most freakin manifestly. we can wear y'all out.
nagging can give me headache!!

and raise my stress stratum

You bet!
If you have the wrong one, Yes. If you own the right one, No.
Do you want to date 'Pamela Handerson' for the rest of your life or hold the real point?
not if you find the right one
; )
They sure as hell do. They give you severe depression and mental anguish.
Yes and No. Depend on who you are beside, make sure you choose your mate judiciously. Women are smarter than men, when they see a handsome man they will measuring him up and ask quiz and find out through their friends about him since committing themselves. Men think next to their penis so as soon as men see attractive women they will give contained by easily. So the accident of a man marrying a wrong woman is alot highly developed than a woman marrying a wrong man. And when you marry a wrong, non compatible mate it's can be detrimental to your health big time.

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