Shave or Trim?

Im thinking of shaving my private area. I am thinking of disappearing a close trim about 1/2 within wide and 1 - 1.5 inches long. The rest shaved, I already shave my legs.

Do you muse this is sexy for a college guy to have or is it really girly?

the leg factor is gay to me, but if you're a runner I guess that's a good excuse.

as far as private nouns, I think you should shave your crack and your sack, but nought else.
That is pretty girly. But if thats what will get your female to pay more attention to that nouns, go for it. Just dont enlighten your buddies.
dude, your gay. you shave your legs and this.
I can understand you shaving or trimmimg your private nouns for hygiene purposes. But I cant understand y the have need of to shave the legs. Or is it to hairy?

I fairly you trim the privates cos goin baldy will develop uncomfortness when it starts to grow again, unless you are prepared to shave reqularly. The tiny hairs will newly prick u here and there. In short, hold a clean cut, not a clear cut.
the airstrip, which is what I think you are referring to may look a bit unnatural...probably try just shaving it super close but contained by it's original shape. it also depends on if you enjoy hair on your stomach and stuff.if you are super smooth within general you may even want to try removing it adjectives.
Do not go lacking hair dude, you will get uncomfy once the curls start growing. The tiny hair will get pricky. Not good for ur partner too. Jus a trim will be ok.

Jus wierd have those legs shaved man...
But then you enjoy a professional reasons to final that up.
trim it all and dont give up your job more than 1/2inch or just shave it
the more fuzz the less attractive it looks
Try it you will probably resembling it
if you want to shave it... go ahead but it will be itchy
Just trim. its better. thats what I do.
i would articulate shave but your legs are goin to get itchy shaving them im preventive u
dude just shave it adjectives off... trust me. the ladies will want to suck and lick more down at hand... plus it feels better when its completely shaved. only make sure you use plenty of tot powder daily.
Trim it spinal column when it's warm so you'll stay cooler. It will also form your nibbly look a little larger.
Leave it alone! Shaved is pervy and cause itching, redness, and repulsive bumps. And trimmed hair is prickly. Soft inborn hair is best.

Shaving is especially bleak for an athlete, because you sweat a lot down within. The hair keep some air circulating, so the nouns stays drier, and you're lots less imagined to get a fungus or even a bacterial infection. The pelt also prevents chafing. I think that if you insist on shaving it, the soreness may cut your speed pretty a bit, as well as making you mostly miserable. If you trim, trim very little -- trimmed short have most of the disadvantages of shaving and is prickly besides, so you'll get a sandpapery idea when you run. Just leave it alone, man!
Duh, you aren't gay, and its not girly. I am on 2 swim team and i have to shave my legs, and chest and stuff, and its nice to not enjoy to worry in the order of all that gross hackle. And trimming down there is okay. i would not shave, because when the spine grows back, its aching full when you rub against them.

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