Do guys enjoy infinite sperm?

hell yes
yes, at least normally-functioning ones do.
yes, your testicals preserve producing it from the time of pubity until death. (unles you hold a medical condition that stops it).
In a way guys do bring in infinite sperm because whenevere you use some there will other be more to make no concern what.
we produce billions of sperm each light of day
So far...
yes we make it for duration.
No, you just continually produce it, similar to spit. You do need to recharge your seminal fluid, 98 percent of your ejaculate, but that take 30 minutes or so on average. Sperm cells are continually produced, and thieve acouple of weeks to mature so the sperm cell in your ejaculate today be made last month.
Pretty much so, unless they become below par and that affects their sperm count or when they become older.

Women are born near all the eggs they will ever hold. Not so with men and their sperm. Men can produce millions upon millions of sperm cell in their enthusiasm times.

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