100% serious here, Do any guys put deodorant on their testicles?

My gf says it's a nice gesticulation and shows I take her mood and senses into account.

I wouldn't. Whatever you put or spray on will directly occupy in the skin. The skin on the testicles is weaken and will irritate easily. Just hold a shower and use soap. If you still have body odor, put some on your stomach or legs. Besides, ball are suppose to taste a bit aromatic :)
do you have a foul odor? im bieng serious. if u contemplate u do go to a dr.
and if freshly for fun buy like that axe deororant. that really smells obedient but dont put any stick deo. down there u never know what effect it can inflict.
Alcohol-based lotions can really burn, so that would REALLY be a sincere gesture of consideration. But usually only keeping properly and frequently bathed is enough to be pleasing, aesthetically and hygiene-wise.
Use a powder.
I actually do, I will whip my Axe and rub it on my hand and put it down in attendance, not to impress anyone but just to hold them smelling good and it in truth cuts the sweat down while at work.
Maybe you girl doesnt like the small of you groins,so try and shower b4 you do the action. I dont think deodorant is extremely kool,cos some of them will burn the skin there.
Why you do that?
by the process deodorant is designed for skin and it couldnot harm your skin adjectives over your body!!
but I suggest you wash your testicle everyday beside warm river and soap
Absolutely not!

If you shower every day, and rate attention to washing down at hand when you do, putting deodorant down there is totally unnecessary.

Either your gf is crazy or she's jerk you around.
no , not at all.
Interesting Question and point for it.
If it doesn't hurt and/or change the color too much, and/or it doesn't become habit forming(who knows)...It really is up to you. Personaly, I wouldn't bother next to it. Just soap and water should do the career. Have you thought about "showering together"?
Do your ball stink? Mine dont.
It's better to use baby powder because deoderant might irritate the skin down nearby. Most guys just use for a time baby powder.
Never have, never will, don't stink down there. More expected you are not taking care of business properly contained by the rear finale, and leaving some smell vertebrae there. Deodorant will cloak that, but really, just dust your butt thoroughly!@

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