Will my gf crash sick after have my semen?

she likes a great deal to taste my semen during sex...but i scare she may get some infection?

It's adjectives in her team leader...no pun intended.
well if you enjoy an a STD then ya she will receive sick and you shouldn't be having sexual intercourse near her. But if you are perfectly vigorous then there's no problem within her doign so
That's possible if you're ill!
In a tough guy sperm isn't bad or a contagious stuff, but solely a liquid containing your genotype and competent to fecundate. I think you lately aren't loving your body!
Don't worry it is loaded next to protein.
No, my girlfriend drinks it all the time and she have the nicest pearlie whites you will ever see and her complexion is very perfect also...Natural proteins is the best for the body
nothing desperate about it..
not unless you enjoy an std, otherwise it is ok
lol no! she will be fine hun its ok. make sure that she doesnt devour alot of it though (not at one setting) cause our bodys dont know how to dyejest it and it lately gets cloged and she will enjoy to get her stomach pumped.
If you are robust,she will not get sick.It have been tested and it contains indistinguishable thing as the saliva,so don't verbs.everything is just fine,hold fun you both!

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