Attractive voice, but HORRIBLE can I improve it?

It definitely seems like I have to visit a vocal coach. Are vocal coaches for speaking only available at a low price (as in not corporate speaking seminars that can cost hundreds to thousands), but simple local physicians/doctors that will work with you?

And it looks like I'll need to learn how to pronounce stuff correctly and enunciate properly...and use inflection and the right time. I think it'll take me a long time to learn, I fear that I may have to relearn how to pronounce the entire English language.

But I've heard that voice is very important. Is voice attractiveness often objective? (If I think I'm mumbling and sounding annoying, will other people think so too?) Also, do girls like deep voices and will improving my tone help with getting the ladies?

Thanks! Anyone know how this could've happened? When I was a little kid, my voice was normal. Someone told me last year that my voice sounded unusual...and a voice recorder confirmed my fears.


u actually expect someone to read all of that sh!t u typed??

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