19, can't ejaculate beside girlfriend. Why?

Up until a few weeks ago I was a virgin. But i'm within a serious relationship now and whenever we hold any form of intercourse, I cannot seem to ejaculate. There is pre-ejaculate present, but I don't in fact orgasm or ejaculate. 2 hours of straight intercourse hasn't done the trick so I doubt if duration is the issue. Help!
Thank you

First of all, are you using a condom? I know from experience if you are used to wearing one they can result in a loss of sensation and thus not allow you to orgasm, especially if you have be used to masturbating all this time.
You also may be overly anxious in the order of having sex and might be putting too much mental anxiety on yourself to orgasm. This may especially be true if you, indeed, aren't using protection and you could be worried give or take a few unwanted pregnancy or diseases, etc.
You may also not be getting enough foreplay. You only just may not be aroused enough prior to intercourse.
How regularly do you masturbate? It's a possibility that you have remarkably little semen left at the time of intercourse and it take just too long to build up satisfactory to orgasm and ejaculate.
One last possibility is that you are not acceptance enough stimulation from your girlfriend's vagina. It could be she is getting so aroused that she is producing excessive amounts of vaginal lubrication thus not allowing you to draw from enough friction onto your penis and not arousing you satisfactory to get to orgasm.
Your situation could be cause by other physical problems like any medication you are on, denial of sleep, smoking, illicit drugs, stress, etc.
consider yourself lucky!
Sounds like you own a mental rather than a physical problem. You just recently lost your virginity, and you are probably overly concerned something like your performance contained by bed. Try to relax!
i assume you can ejaculate when you masterbate or if she performs oral sex on you. if you can't even next, there could be a deeper problem that you obligation to see a doctor or urologist for. but at your age, I don't think that's much of a problem.

it's apparently either mental or physical.

if it's physical, consequently you need to try different positions. some positions are going to perceive different and make it easier for your to ejaculate. not one and only do you get to ejaculate, but you gain to have fun surrounded by the process. you might also have a intricate time because your body gets tired and in consequence the blood rushes away from your penis and to the rest of your body. if that's the case, slow it down. filch your time and you'll be fine.

if it's a mental thing, again, no worries. the first time you enjoy sex is always a bit nerve wracking, especially next to someone you care for. couple that beside the stress of not being competent to ejaculate and you end up putting yourself surrounded by a self fulfilling cycle because all you can meditate about is that you can't ejaculate. your best bet is to try to stop thinking so much something like ejaculation. sometimes fantasizing can relief. otherwise, try to get into the moment. if your girlfriend is embark on to it, maybe watching pornography (or even soft porn) will oblige.

but no matter what the issue is, you'll eventually bring back over it. in the meantime, fashion sure you assure your girlfriend it's not her. she's probably feeling a tad insecure right in a minute thinking that she can't turn you on. which im sure is not the case. worthy luck.

take your time, relax and you'll be fine.
You are a god. You will ejaculate when you are in position to ejaculate, young grasshopper.
Your nuts haven't dropped nonetheless. ha ha
Probably psychological. I assume you can masturbate to orgasm?

Maybe you're trying too hard. Or, this sounds icky but it might serve you: can you get your girlfriend to put her finger up your butt while you're inside of her? The pressure on your prostate should be satisfactory to trigger an orgasm. Or it may be that you're low on testosterone, like me (unusual at your age, but not unheard of): If I give somebody a lift too long to ejaculate, it's almost impossible to get at hand without stopping frequently and waiting for my body to produce more. You might try pause and resting for a while instead of one continuous session or "effort." Or you might try letting your imagination run extreme and conjure up the most sinful, erotic fantasy you can come up with of (that doesn't necessarily involve your gf, but you're under no requisite to tell her).
it's because you arent married.
Maybe ur gay.

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